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Strikeout King

“Who will be crowned the “Strikeout King” Experience unprecedented elite-level 1 on 1 baseball games and tournaments featuring an intense pitcher-versus-batter competition format. Explore the dynamic battle between pitcher and batter, raising the question of who holds the advantage.

Baseball and Bat


Our mission is to enhance the excitement of one-on-one matchups, empower the next generation through dynamic 1-on-1 competition, and ignite a passion for baseball among youth. We aim to create an immersive, exhilarating experience that captivates fans and fosters a love for the game. Through innovation, we make baseball more accessible, exciting, and inclusive in inner-city communities, inspiring a new era of enthusiastic players and dedicated fans.

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Transforming The Game
for a New Era

Making Baseball Faster and More Entertaining

Time limits: Implement a time clock for pitchers and and batters to maintain steady pace of play.

Smaller Teams: Reduced number of players on the field creates more open space, encouraging dynamic plays and faster movements.

Dynamic Scoring: Introduce a tiered scoring system where certain plays or hits earn extra points, injecting excitement and strategic thinking into each at bat.

Instant Replay Technology: Implement efficient and accurate instant replay systems to resolve contentious calls swiftly, avoiding prolonged disruptions.

Interactive Fan Engagement: Leverage technology to involve fans in real-time decisions, such as pitch selection, making them an active part of the game.

Micro-Competitions: Incorporate mini-games or challenges within each at bat to maintain engagement and provide additional entertainment value.

Leverage innovations in technology to include Smart Bats and Smart Baseballs, and or glow-in- the dark balls for night games, enhancing the visual appeal and excitement.


What is Strikeout 1 on1 Baseball

In Strikeout 1 on 1 Baseball™, a batter and pitcher alternate roles, pitching and batting until a score of 11 is reached (must win by at least two points) or time expires. The goal is to outscore the opponent. The pitcher fields their position, with ground balls caught in the designated area considered outs, and fly balls called out when caught. Additionally, a pitcher can score points if a fly ball is caught outside the designated area for ground balls. The pitcher must secure one out to switch to the batting turn.

Baseball Gloves
Baseball Bats


Adult local elite leagues, community events and other forms of baseball competition, and video submissions. Players must be 18 and up, not under MLB contract, not have been active on MLB roster more than two years.

Home Run


Modified Official Baseball Rules will be used to govern play.


Scoring occurs with a ball hit in fair territory, a hit batter, or after 4 balls, each earning 1 point. Additionally, a home run results in 4 points, but if hit to the opposite field an additional two points are earned. Outs are recorded through three strikes, ground balls fielded within the designated area, fly balls caught, or after 4 foul balls.

Softball Glove


The use of rubber baseballs promotes player and fan safety. A free standing strike zone will be used to call strikes/balls and rebound the baseball back to the pitcher eliminating the need for a catcher.



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